About our Gunsmiths and gunsmithing

Additional Information

  Our Master Gunsmith has 44 years worth of gunsmithing experience. Add in our other gunsmiths and we are approaching 100 years worth of firearms experience alone.  


We have machinist, engineering, metal and woodworking backgrounds. All with years of working with our hands and understanding the mechanical forces of firearms.


 We can also offer custom caliber rifles. We have the ability to design custom cartridges to fit specific need then build a rifle for it.    


 A simple repair to a total custom firearm, chances are we we can do it.



Over 36 years worth of gunsmithing experience.

Our services include:

General Repairs on most handguns , rifles,  shotguns and military style firearms.

Metal Refinishing: Blueing, slow rust blue, parkerizing, Cerakote.

Stock refinishing.

Action and trigger work on most firearms

Customization on handguns, rifles and shoguns gunsmithing firearm repairs FFL dealer

End of season cleaning for storage.


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